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DISCLAIMER: The info provided on this website is provided for educational purposes only. We list casinos that do not participate in the GamStop exclusion scheme so that the problem gamblers can self-exclude themselves from those, since GamStop and other similar programs are not blocking them.

Info provided can also be people who found themselves no longer welcome at UK based casinos after the self-exclusion period has ended. Every casino listed operates under a legal license and has been thoroughly tested by us to meet the required standards of being player friendly.

The aim of roulette is to guess which number the ball in the roulette wheel will stop. Today, online casinos not on GamStop also entertain roulette players in a virtual format, and there is no end in sight to the popularity of this classic casino game. 

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Basic Rules of Roulette 

The rules of roulette are very similar regardless of whether it is played online at non GamStop casinos or in a land-based casino. The Basic Rules are very easy to learn, so the game is guaranteed to suit everyone. In all its simplicity, it is the player’s job to guess which figure the ball will stop at. 

Numbers 0-36 can be found on the roulette wheel (there are also double 00 in certain versions), but they are not in order. Every second number is red and every second is black, but zero is green. Each figure has its own small slot where the ball on the wheel can stop. The same 37 figures can be found in numerical order on the table where the bets are placed. 

The Basic Rules for all non GamStop Roulette games are the same, but some versions may have their own special rules or policies to be considered. So it is always better to check the instructions and rules of the roulette game at the online casino to avoid surprises and misunderstandings in the middle of the game. You can also try online roulette for free so you can get to know the game before playing for Real Money. 

How to Play Roulette? 

In all its simplicity, one round of roulette is structured as follows: 

  • Place a bet on the number or number of numbers you want on the bet table 
  • The dealer or the computer will tell you when new bets will no longer be received and put the roulette wheel on 
  • When the ball stops in the slot of a number, the winners are announced 
  • The game pays the winnings to the lucky players and collects the lost bets away from the betting area. 

Please note that when playing at an online casino, you decide for yourself when to start playing. So you can think about the stakes just as long as you want, because you’re in charge of the tempo of the game. In the online roulette of live casino games, however, dealers control the course of the rounds. 

Roulette and Betting Options 

The player can place a bet on one particular number, but the betting options are not limited to that. The roulette table also offers a variety of options to bet on. For example, two or four adjacent numbers can be bet on with the same bet, placing the bet between those numbers. 

The roulette table contains the following betting areas: 

  • Individual numbers (straight up) 
  • Two adjacent numbers (split) 
  • Three consecutive numbers (street) 
  • Four adjacent numbers (corner/square) 
  • Six consecutive numbers (six line) 
  • Dozens (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36) 
  • Columns (the figures consist of three vertical rows) 
  • High ranks (1-18 and 19-36) 
  • Colors (black and red) 
  • Even and odd numbers 

Roulette’s betting options can be roughly divided into two groups, inside and outside bets. Outside bets are all large numbers, such as colors or dozens. In turn, bets focusing on one or at most four figures are called inside bets. You can therefore bet on several figures when you place your bets between or at an angle. 

As the bet area changes, of course, the winning factor changes as well. The narrower the number of numbers you bet on, the better your profits are going to be. A large number offers a better chance of winning, but naturally the odds of winning are also reduced at the same time. 

The player can place multiple bets in the same round and one bet can be split between multiple numbers. In the same round it is possible to bet on a red number as well as a single number. However, it is worth noting that the rules usually prevent both red and black from being invested. 

Variations of Non GamStop Roulette 

Despite its simplicity, there are often three different versions of roulette, of which the online casinos not registered with GamStop repertoire usually covers all. There are not many differences between European, French, and American roulette, but small things make these variations different. 

Most often European Roulette is preferred because it is the best version of the game for the player. This is also the so-called basic variant of roulette, which uses figures from 0 to 36. 

In addition to the usual zero, the American version has a double zero (00), and zeros are work for the advantage of the house, not the player. For this reason, the return rate of American Roulette not on GamStop is generally lower than European Roulette not on GamStop, and therefore it is not worth playing when a better version is available. 

French Roulette not on GamStop

French roulette is practically no different from the European version, and only a few small elements make a separate game. It officially has three game managers whose job is, among other things, to place all the players’ bets on the table. 

French roulette often uses the en prison rule. If a player has placed his or her chips on a roulette table in one of the locations (red or black, for example) of the winning ratio, the bet placed will wait for the next round if the winning number is zero. This bet will normally work in the next round, but the player can no longer change its position. 

Another peculiarity of French roulette is the la partage rule, sometimes used instead of the en prison rule. The rules are used in the same game where the winning number is 0 and the player has placed a 1:1 bet on the table. However, under the La partage rule, the bet will not be advanced to the next round. For example, if the bet is set to odd numbers and the result is zero, the player will receive half of the amount he wagered back. 

Other Roulette Games Free of GamStop

Roulette also offers updated and slightly more specialized game versions, which provide a new level of excitement for the game. These variations are encountered especially in online casinos, although even some brick-and-mortar casinos can sometimes play slightly revised versions. However, online roulette not on GamStop is a safer choice if you want to experience something new. 

The choice of jackpot hunters is Roulette Royale, where you can forget the usual wins. In this form of the game, the payout multiplier increases if the ball happens to stop at the same number with consecutive spin. Five consecutive turns hit the same number to win the progressive jackpot, which most often moves around 100 thousand euros. 

Fun Roulette Variations

A fun variation is also the Double Ball Roulette not on gamstop that can be played in non GamStop live casinos. Otherwise, a game similar to regular roulette has two balls instead of one, and thus the player has twice as many chances of winning with his bet. Therefore, the odds of the game are not quite as good as, say, traditional European Roulette. 

If you’re fascinated by running a roulette wheel, the Golden Ball Roulette not on gamstop offered by Extreme Live Gaming can be worth trying. Every 20 turns is a Golden Ball round, allowing the player who bet the most during the previous rounds to decide when the dealer releases the ball. This is obviously a variation of live casino. Evolution Gaming has also created an interesting version of Lightning Roulette, combining live casino with real roulette table with random number generator lucky numbers. 

Live Roulette Not on GamStop 

Land-based casinos can’t be found in every corner, but you can also access the real casino atmosphere online via live roulette not covered with GamStop. There can be many players at the live roulette tables at the same time, and everyone can see the dealer and the roulette wheel via live streaming video. However, players do not see each other, so live casino players can also remain anonymous. 

At the Live Casino not on GamStop, playing online roulette becomes more social. In fact, it is possible for the player to communicate with the dealer via live chat. Many of the dealers are also happy to discuss matters other than the game. 

One of the biggest providers of live roulette is Evolution Gaming. This game house has produced Roulette games better than each other to the delight of the players, and the game company is recognized as a pioneer in many things. The roulette table, among other things, is shot with several different cameras and the angle varies depending on what is happening in the game. 

In addition to Evolution Gaming not on GamStop, high-quality live Roulette games are provided by NetEnt, for example. Other well-known game producers include Extreme Live Gaming and Ezugi. There may be small differences in game formats and tables, so check out the selection in peace and choose a pleasant table for you. There are also several interesting variations among the live roulette and not all manufacturers may offer the same variations. 

Non GamStop Roulette Strategies 

Roulette is essentially a game of luck, and even a complex strategy cannot change that fact. However, this does not mean that roulette tactics have not been developed throughout the game’s existence, and some players are convinced of their effectiveness. We will next introduce the most common and well-known roulette strategies. 

Martingale Strategy 

This is probably the most famous of all roulette strategies, and many players have tried it. In this strategy, only bets are played that pay when winning in a ratio of 1: 1 (even or odd, red or black, 1-18 or 19-36). 

After each lost round, the bet is doubled. This will be repeated long enough to finally win. Only then will we return to the original bet. For example, if a player starts with a €5 bet but loses, the next bet is €10. If this bet does not make a profit, the next step is to bet the sum of €20. 

If the game could go on forever, the Martingale strategy could win. In general, however, casino betting limits and the player’s own time or budget limits will be met, and players using the tactics will almost certainly be defeated. 

Kavouras Bet Strategy 

The interesting Kavouras Bet roulette strategy is quite young, as it was only developed in 2010. The tactic involves placing multiple bets on different numbers in the same round, and repeating the same from round to round without changes. 

Here’s how to place the stakes: 

  • One bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3 angles 
  • Two contributions to cover six numbers series 31-36 
  • One contribution for each of the following points of intersection: 8 and 11, 13 and 14, 15 and 18, 17 and 20, and 27 and 30. 

As a whole, the player places eight bets on the table and covers a total of 20 different numbers. The size of the bet can be decided by itself, but each bet placed in the same round must be equal. 

One of the best aspects of the strategy is that the stakes are more than half the numbers in the game. Therefore, the number of rounds that are likely to win exceeds the number of rounds that are lost. But there is no escaping the advantage of the house in this strategy either, so it is hard to stay ahead.

Tier et Tout Strategy 

If you can find a landing pad, you can also try your luck with the Tier et Tout strategy. It works best with 1: 1 bets (e.g. black or red) and requires the player to manage a few different count patterns. In the game the start bet is divided into three parts, one of which is played in the first round. If there is no win, place the remaining 2 thirds on the table in the second round. 

After each victory, the accumulated bet is divided again into three parts and repeated the same as above. If the bet can no longer be divided equally into three after the winnings, the excess share is set aside. In practice, two consecutive losses take a player’s entire starting percentage or even total playing cash. However, if luck is on your side, there could be even more wins to come thanks to the increasing stakes. 

Reverse Martingale or Paroli Roulette Strategy 

Paroli is a simple roulette strategy in which the player doubles after each win. This tactic is often referred to as reverse Martingale strategy, where the bet is doubled every time after a defeat. Like Martingale tactics, Paroli works best if the player bets on bets such as even or odd. 

If the player using the Paroli strategy loses the round, the bottom bet used in the first round will be returned. One of the best aspects of this tactic is its ease, as well as the fact that the budget does not have to be bottomless. The stakes for future rounds are mainly derived from previous profits, so the Paroli strategy can also be applied on a smaller budget. So the losses will probably be small, but unfortunately the profits do not usually grow shockingly large. Multi-win rounds are rarely encountered, and the strategy would require them to produce real jackpots. 

Fibonacci System 

The Fibonacci sequence can also be applied to roulette. The idea of the sequence is that the next number is always the sum of the two preceding ones. So the line starts 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on. Fibonacci’s reading line applies to many things in mathematics and art, so why not also at the roulette table. 

This tactic works with bets with a 50% probability of winning (for example, black/red). After a losing round, the player must increase the bet according to the Fibonacci sequence, and after a winning round, move back two figures in the queue. 

Tips For Playing Non GamStop Roulette 

  • Don’t play American roulette – The two zeros of American roulette greatly increase the advantage of the House over European and French roulette. So if you want to make the most of your chances of winning, don’t try your luck at American roulette. For the player, the best rules are usually found in French roulette. 
  • Take advantage of the outside bets – For example, red/black bets are more likely to be won. Especially when the game is not in very plump condition, it is better to use the outside rather than the inside bets. Even if you can win more on the inside stakes, it takes them to overcome the long surface and aim for a dose of luck. 
  • Don’t fall under the Gambler’s Fallacy – Each round of roulette is subject to the same probabilities, and the results of the previous rounds do not change them. Many times, however, the mind tricks the player into thinking that after many reds, for example, it must be black’s turn. But the probability of a black figure is always 50%. This is called The Gambler’s fallacy (the belief that past events can affect the probability of happenings in the future). 

The best-known example of this situation comes from the Monte Carlo Casino. In 1913, the roulette ball of the same table hit a staggering 26 times in a row for black. Many players lost because they thought the red would come sooner. 

More Roulette Tips 

  • Take advantage of strategies thoughtfully – None of the roulette strategies that have been invented so far have managed to outdo the house advantage. While strategies may bring profits, the odds are not on their side. However, if you want to test a strategy, carefully choose a system that suits your style and your gaming budget. 
  • Enjoy different variations of online roulette – Even though we have already judged American roulette, it is worth the opportunity for many other roulette variations in online casinos. They can offer new fun experiences if the traditional version starts to get boring over a long period of time. For example, Double Ball Roulette or Golden Ball Roulette contain edge and variation. However, always remember to check the rules of roulette before playing, so that you will not accidentally play an interesting but unfavorable version of roulette. 

Short History of Roulette Not on GamStop

The father of roulette is the Frenchman Blaise Pascal, who was a mathematician who lived in the 17th century. Roulette’s name is also derived from the French language, as roulette means small wheel. However, roulette did not gain popularity and didn’t flourish until the 19th century, when it conquered both Europe and the American continent. 

The exclusive wheel was first developed by French Francois and Louis Blanc, who introduced this version in Germany in the 1840s. Until then, there had also been two zeros on the roulette tables in Paris, but later the version of one zero gained greater popularity everywhere but America. Two zeros still belong to American roulette to this day, but instead of a double zero, some of the early roulette games included a patriotic eagle emblem. 

Most Popular Roulette Casinos 

The most famous roulette casinos are Monte Carlo in Europe and Las Vegas in America, as by the early 20th century gambling laws had closed most of the other gambling venues. Roulette’s story was not over, however, as the numerous new casinos established in the second half of the same century did not forget to add the game to their repertoire. 

Today, increasing online gambling has brought roulette back to new heights. Many new versions of games that have not been seen in land-based casinos can be developed for online games. Online live casinos have also increased their popularity enormously, and roulette can be found on the list of the most popular games. Given the game’s successful history, this is not a surprise. 

Online Roulette Not on GamStop Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I play roulette not on GamStop? 

Yes, you can. Non GamStop casinos offer plenty of roulette games in their portfolio so you can easily and freely enjoy roulette not on GamStop.

How to find non GamStop online roulette? 

You can find non GamStop roulette games at international online casinos not registered with GamStop. As long as these offshore online casinos accept players from the UK, you can register and enjoy the best roulette games.

Are casinos not on GamStop safe to join? 

Yes, non GamStop casinos are completely safe. As long as these international online casinos operate under the legit licenses provided by gamin authorities, they are safe and secure to join and play at.

What is the best non GamStop roulette site? 

There is a handful of non GamStop roulette sites or online casinos out there. But for the best ones, go check our list of roulette online casinos and see which one suits you the best.