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best non uk bingo sites not on gamstop
DISCLAIMER: The info provided on this website is provided for educational purposes only. We list casinos that do not participate in the GamStop exclusion scheme so that the problem gamblers can self-exclude themselves from those, since GamStop and other similar programs are not blocking them.

Info provided can also be people who found themselves no longer welcome at UK based casinos after the self-exclusion period has ended. Every casino listed operates under a legal license and has been thoroughly tested by us to meet the required standards of being player friendly.

Many have related bingo to the elderly or more precisely old ladies who cover the biggest percentage of people playing bingo not only in the UK, but worldwide. But actually, the picture is a bit different as bingo is actually spread across all demographic, young and old. Believe it or not, baby boomers, gen X, and millennials are all bingo fans today. Forget about the picture of old ladies and grandpas at the bingo halls as bingo has another dimension, it has turned into the online sensation in the UK. 

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Land-based bingo experienced a big drop in the 2005 and especially in the 2007 due to the ban of smoking in the bingo halls. But that didn’t mean that bingo craze would die. Quite the contrary, with the rise of online bingo sites, bingo has gained big popularity among the UK population, especially the young demographic. Even though the big percentage of bingo players are women, there are men who love bingo. They may be playing in hiding, but nevertheless they are there, hunting those bingo balls on the screen. 

UKGC Regulations and Bingo 

But now, there’s a different problem in the world of UK bingo: the strict regulations of the UKGC, especially GamStop, that is shrinking the possibilities of finding bingo sites to play at. The problem actually affects those who have joined the GamStop self-exclusion programme and are now not able to access any of the UK bingo sites. Even though this is the whole point of GamStop self-exclusion programme, there are those players who regret joining GamStop as they have joined for wrong reasons. Now the question of whether there is a way to get this problem solved arises. Are there any casinos not registered with gamstop and bingo sites and can you get around GamStop self-exclusion? But let’s go through some important things first. 

What Is GamStop? 

Since you are here, you probably know what GamStop is all about. GamStop is the UK’s national self-exclusion scheme. It is operated by a non-profit organization The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. GamStop is a service that helps you gain control over your gambling habits, that is, help you restrict your gambling by blocking you out of all UK gambling sites. This national self-exclusion programme is completely free of charge for all players in the UK (Great Britain and Northern Island). And how does this exclusion scheme functions? 

Well, it is actually pretty simple and quite effective. The players who want to restrict their gambling activities can sigh up with GamStop. The signup process consist of providing identity details such as postcode, date of birth, e-mail, etc. The player can choose to self-exclude for 6 months, a year, or 5 years. Once the signup process is completed (it takes up to 24 hours for programme to become effective), the player will be excluded from all gambling sites based in the UK and there is no way of canceling the exclusion service. Also, the important fact is that once the period of self-exclusion expires, it will remain in force until the player ask for it to be removed. 

Non GamStop Gambling

GamStop self-exclusion is a great programme for the problematic players who are dealing with gambling addiction and cannot regain control over their gambling habits as with it, the access to any UK-based casino and gambling site will be blocked. On the other hand, there are plenty of players who have signed up with GamStop for some different reasons such as impulsivity, bad betting streaks, and similar. And those players are now in a pickle as no UK casinos are available for them so there’s no way for them to play again anything from slots to bingo games. Or is there? 

Are There Any UK Bingo Sites Not on GamStop? 

We all know that the regulations and rules by the UKGC are pretty strict when it comes to online gambling. It goes from banning bonus buys in games to limiting stakes and signup bonuses, and whatnot. The most recent storm made by the UKGC involves GamStop. Mainly, all UK-licensed gambling sites and casinos are obliged to sign up with GamStop, without any exceptions. This is why there are no UK Bingo sites not on GamStop to be found as they are all under the obligation to be registered with GamStop programme. But even though UK sites are out of the question for players who have self-excluded and are now looking to play again, there are certain sites where they can play bingo or any other casino game again. We are talking about Bingo sites not on GamStop, that is, sites outside the UK. 

What Are Bingo Sites Without GamStop? 

Bingo sites without GamStop are all gambling sites with bingo games that are not registered with GamStop, as simple as that. Since all UK-based gambling sites must be registered with GamStop, these bingo sites are actually international gambling sites. Since they do not operate under the UKGC license, they are not obliged to join GamStop which makes them a key to getting around GamStop exclusion programme. As long as bingo sites not on GamStop accept players from the UK, they are a way to go for all those players who have excluded with GamStop and are now looking to play bingo again. 

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Just like any other UK bingo site or online casino with bingo games, bingo sites without GamStop are all legit gambling sites, as long as they are licensed, of course. Our advice is not to register at any bingo sites that have no licenses. You should not risk it and there’s no reason to search the net for online bingo not on GamStop or any non GamStop casinos as here we’ll prepared lists of gambling sites not registered with GamStop just for you. 

Playing Online Bingo Not on GamStop 

Bingo sites not on GamStop have a lot to offer. Just like on any other UK bingo site, there are plenty of bingo types to play: 40 ball bingo, 50 ball, 75, 660, or 90 ball bingo. Bingo sites usually also offer slot machines in their game collection, so you can also spin the reels in between your bingo sessions. Scratchcards are also popular on bingo sites, as well. And of course, regular online casinos with all kinds of games from slots not on gamstop and table games to Live Casino, also offer plenty of bingo games. So if you find a good online casino with a nice offer of online bingo not on GamStop games, you can enjoy the full package. 

Benefits of Joining Bingo Sites Not on GamStop 

Since these international casinos or bingo sites are not licensed by the UKGC, they are not under the regulations as the casinos in the UK. Some of these regulations in the UK are pretty strict and limiting for the players especially when it comes to bonuses, payment options, game features, and stakes limits. But this is a bit different in offshore online casinos, and this goes for all kinds of gambling sites not on GamStop: betting sites not on GamStop, casinos not on GamStop, slot sites not on GamStop, and similar. 

The benefits of joining non GamStop gambling sites include the richer signup bonuses. Since in the UK, signup bonuses are seen as too ‘lucrative or tempting’, they are not that attractive. At international bingo sites and casinos, sign up bonuses are pretty handsome and come in forms of no deposit free spins not on GamStop and deposit free spins and free cash bonuses. You can find dozens, and sometimes hundreds of Free Spins offered. Match up bonuses are also rich and can go pretty high. 

Are UK Bingo Sites Not on GamStop Safe and Reliable? 

Non GamStop bingo sites are reliable and safe as long as they operate under the licenses issued by gaming regulatory bodies. When you come across a casino that holds no license, that is a big no as it is not safe. This is shy we have prepared lists of online casinos not on GamStop that are reliable and safe to register at. You don’t need to surf the web for casinos, as here you have all the info. Now, here are the most common regulatory bodies that provide licenses for international online casinos: 

  • Malta Gaming Authority 
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission 
  • Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority 
  • Cyprus Gaming Commission 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bingo Sites Without GamStop: 

Are there any Bingo sites not on GamStop? 

Yes, there are. Bingo sites not on GamStop are international bingo sites that are not licensed by the UKGC but by other licensing authorities. 

What is GamStop? 

GamStop is the self-exclusion programme available for the residents of the United Kingdom aimed at helping players restrict their gambling habits by self-excluding from all UK-based gambling sites. 

Is GamStop service free? 

Yes, GamStop self-exclusion service is completely free. Signing up at GamStop programme and using it comes with no fees, whatsoever. 

How long does GamStop exclusion lasts? 

When signing up with GamStop, the players can choose for themselves the period of self-exclusion, that is 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. It is all up to the player. 

Can you cancel GamStop? 

No, you cannot cancel GamStop self-exclusion service. As long as the period of self-exclusion lasts, you cannot access any of the UK gambling sites. 

What happens when GamStop exclusion period ends? 

When GamStop exclusion period expires the player needs to ask to be removed from GamStop. Otherwise the exclusion will still be on. 

What are non GamStop casinos? 

Non GamStop casinos are international online casinos. If they accept players from the UK, even those who are signed up with GamStop can register and play. 

Can you get around GamStop? 

Yes, there is a way to get around GamStop self-exclusion scheme. More precisely, it can be done by registering at international gambling sites that accept players from the UK and are not registered with GamStop.